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Prati Prasav Sadhna


The word “Prati” means again, and “Prasav” means taking birth. Thus Prati-Prasav means taking birth again i.e. Re-birth. Why it is very important when a child is taking birth ? Because at a particular time when a child is taking birth his destiny will be calculated. So Prasav is very important in Life. The Prati-Prasav Sadhana is very important for every person in order to release all their physic impressions of past life, mother’s womb, current life and future life, which are stored within him. Your present is a reflection of what you did in the past. The purpose of our birth is to resolve the issues that remained unresolved in our past lives. The circumstances and the problems one is facing is due to the stored baggage of psychic impressions that one has collected in various lives and this life starting from the mother’s womb. Thus if we are unhappy, it indicates there are some unresolved issues which must get resolved so that we do not get stuck into similar circumstances in our next births. This unresolved issue is what is called Samskars or Sanchit Karmas or Psychic Impressions.

To release the suffering, pain or disease of present life or to attain the higher level of spirituality and experience the Ultimate Truth, one has to release the Sanchit Karma or Samskaras or Psychic Impressions. Prati Prasav Sadhana teaches how to shed this heavy load and bring out the inner light in the form of health, happiness and prosperity. This is the ancient wisdom and Sadhana that was practiced by Maharishis such as Gautam Buddha and Mahavir. A small fraction of this knowledge also went to the West from India, and there they practice it as Past Life Regression. We are extremely lucky that we have the opportunity to learn the complete wisdom of Prati Prasav Sadhna.

In Shivyog Prati Prasav Sadhana we just not limit ourselves to witnessing of our past life incidences. With the help of Babaji’s grace, we transcend back to those areas of our past lives that are cause of our present sufferings. By invocation of the Sanjeevani Shakti, we are able to transmute and release these Sanchit Karmas, thus freeing ourselves from the present miseries. Prati Prasav is the sacred power and wisdom for healing the past lives and dissolving the present life problems. Prati Prasav Sadhana is an excellent Sadhana to dissolve fears, phobias, sufferings, limitations and awakening of your consciousness towards infinite dimension. We can thus proudly say ‘Aham Brahmasmi’ – I am creator of my own Destiny.

Further More:

The importance of Prati-Prasav Sadhana is not to show you your past life incidents but to make you release the emotion which you have created unknowingly by reacting to that particular incident. The reaction of a person to every incident is of three types: Tamoguna, Rajoguna and Satoguna. When you react with any of these three Guna then you create a Physic Impression. When none of these Thriguna’s exists then it is called as “Nirguna” i.e. “Turiya Avastha”. The Shastras mention about the “Sarva-Siddhi Kala”. The Sarva-Siddhi Kala is the time when you are in the state of Turiya Avastha. When you will be in Nirguna you will just witness all the incidents in your life. When you just witness the incident Prati-Prasav starts taking place i.e. the process of releasing. Similarly, while doing the Prati-Prasav Sadhana when you start seeing any incident, whether it is your past life or mother’s womb or future life, then a person must not get stuck into that incident but he should start just witnessing. As soon as you start witnessing the process of release takes place and that particular incident or physic impressions starts dissolving. That particular negative was strongly implanted within you because you have reacted to that particular negative incident either through any of the 3 Guna’s . So Witnessing every incident being in Turiya state of consciousness is very important for Prati-Prasav Sadhana. Holy Siddha’s say, “any decision, any action, any wish you want to achieve; you have to enter into that Nirguna State of Consciousness”.

Come, receive the grace and take a step towards living life 200%; 100% materialistic and 100% spiritual.

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